• Start Ups
  • Tech cofounders and business partners to launch and develop your Startup

Access to Experts
We help you turn your ideas into a business and will give you access to a wide selection of professionals with industry-specific knowledge.
Strategic Support
Thanks to our multi-decade expertise in startups and larger enterprises, we can give you the help you need to assign priorities, design the roadmap to development and navigate the stages of growth, providing business advisory, core-business analysis, business model design and validation and capital introductions.
Operational Support
Anything you need to boost your growth, from project and product management to finance, HR and support functions, from account management to support on internationalization of your activity.
Team Extension
Founders wear many hats and might lose focus on priorities. We can take part of the load off your shoulders in a cost-effective fashion, giving you the opportunity to dedicate your time to your most valuable priorities. We provide dedicated specialists, the development team and fractional CTOs, COOs and CMOs.
We can introduce startups to our network of market leading enterprises and help them forge strategic partnerships.
We consider opportunities for investment and sometimes even provide our services in exchange for equity, on a discretionary base.

London, Uk
Rome, Italy
Gandhinagar, India
Zielona Góra, Poland