• Software Development
  • Bespoke and cost effective Website & Mobile development
    Consulting and Outsourcing services


Technology Consulting
Thanks to our industry expertise we can offer high-value-added functional analysis and scope the most appropriate infrastructures, coding languages, frameworks and hosting solutions.
Turnkey Solutions
The best alternative if you are looking for fast deployment, cost effectiveness and ease of use.
Prototypes, MVPs & MLPs
We develop them in record-short times: Prototypes, Minimum Viable (and Lovable) Products.
Mobile Development
Any app development you are looking for, to make your business mobile, including, AR/VR and IOT solutions.
Web Development
Fast, tailored solutions that suit exactly your needs: Websites, CMS, CRM, E-commerce, APIs, Micro services.
UX / UI Design
We can do wonders to increase user engagement and make your customers love your product: from high-quality app & web design to implementing gamification elements, from adding animations to creating corporate videos.
Quality Assurance & Testing
Decades of experience taught us that quality is not just an act, it is a habit. We are experts in designing appropriate processes and procedures, in conducting testing (functional, automated, regression, load, of APIs, UAT, etc.) and in debugging the code.
Digital Marketing
Crafting a great product is not enough, we can take it in front of your customers, with our expertise in SEO, Digital Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Website Maintenance.
Latest Technologies
Jump ahead of the competition by harnessing the power of new technologies: AR / VR, Big Data solutions, Data Analytics, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Block chain.

London, Uk
Rome, Italy
Gandhinagar, India
Zielona Góra, Poland