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Product Governance Tool
Product Governance Tool

Project details
The application has been developed for one of our clients in Investment Banking space. With the changing legal framework and new regulations coming in, there has been an ever increasing line-up of regulatory requirements to be meet up on a day to day basis. With the increasing challenges, it becomes imperative to handle the entire process with the help of technology. Product Governance tool is one such tool (For structured products) which allows banks to monitor their product development cycle, distributor due diligence, product/distributor approval, managing governance committee discussions, MIS for the higher management etc. The tool was developed using modern day technology like react, node js, Cassandra, spring boot technology.
Salient Features
High-end technology allowing for high DB growth, end-to-end data capturing and filtering using multiple parameters, separate dashboard for monitoring product, distributors & governance meetings, task management module to easily manage all open tasks, MIS for higher management, downloadable pdf reports.

London, Uk
Rome, Italy
Gandhinagar, India
Zielona Góra, Poland