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  • Building great applications requires a healthy collaboration between dev team and clients.
    We at Principio strongly believe in it!


Client Interview
At the beginning of the process we want to get in your shoes, align with your vision, get an overview of the project requirements and agree on targets.
Scoping and Functional Analysis
We are now ready to define the preliminary functional requirements, we agree together on the process management, the workflow, the framework and the technologies to be used. We will ask you to dedicate some quality time to us in this process, since a good functional analysis will save a lot of time to the development of your project.
Wireframing and Design
In this phase we work together to draft the wireframe and to design the UX and the UI. We will be delivering the designs to you as we sketch them. At the end of this phase you will get the whole picture of the application. If it is a big complex project, we will work out a funky prototype for you, to give you a better understanding of what‘s about to be built for you.
Iterative Implementation
We are about to see it come to life, finally. We will do the heavy lifting, but please bear with us: so far we have aligned our wavelengths but now we have to do the fine tuning. We‘ll do it via an iterative process and it‘s paramount we keep working together.
Testing and Optimization
It‘s time for conducting the final testing. We‘ll select together the people who participate to the UAT and will round the corners as we collect the feedback.
Scale Up and Continuous Development
Now that everything is working as expected, we can deploy it. Congratulations! If required, we can help you further, providing business support, digital marketing or by keeping the software ahead of the curve with continuous iterations and development.

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