• Strategic execution partners for your IT, Regulatory and Business requirements


End to End Process Management
We can assist you in the whole process, from the functional analysis to scoping the infrastructure, managing the project, designing the UX and UI, developing the software, in the integration process, training your staff, making support available, offering maintenance capabilities and implementing a plan for data analytics and reporting.
Generation Tomorrow
In fast changing industries, even market leaders risk to lose their edge if they can‘t embrace innovations and adapt quickly. Let‘s discuss how new technologies can impact your business and create tailored solutions to get ahead of competition. We have a wide expertise ranging from AR / VR to Big and Smart Data, from Analytics to IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Block chain.
World Leading ERP Solutions
Together, we can design the business management software that is most appropriate to your needs. We can also provide support with business intelligence, change management, integration, data migration and business process outsourcing.
Custom GRC Services
Do Governance, Risk Management and Compliance absorb more and more resources? We have tackled the problem already in different occasions, creating custom platforms to upgrade the existing infrastructure, engineering digital solutions to cut down running costs and off-shoring entire services to respond to the needs for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
Fast and Effective Team Extensions
We can fill gaps quickly providing dedicated specialists, development teams, back office functions, customer service representatives and testing experts. We give you flexibility with your workforce, where you need it most, and can also help you source the best subject matter experts for your business.
Co-Innovation and Open-Innovation
If you operate in a fast changing industry, you need to be on top of things on industry-trasforming innovations. Thanks to our expertise with startups we provide world class advice and guidance on the most impactful innovations. We source the most relevant partners for your business, help you develop the partnerships and support in the implementation of your co-innovation program.
Continuous Development and Integration
On-going development is the path to keep your applications and infrastructures constantly up to date. We make use of agile methodologies, DevOps engineering, Continuous Integration and Testing.
Quality Assurance & Testing
Decades of experience in development have taught us that quality is not just an act, it is a habit. We are experts in designing appropriate processes and procedures, in conducting testing (functional, automated, regression, load, of APIs, UAT, etc.) and debugging the code.

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