• It's Time to Turn,
    Your Ideas into Apps
  • It's Time to Turn,
    Your Business Concept into a Start-up
  • It's Time to Turn,
    Your Product into a Service
  • It's Time to Turn,
    Your Vision into Reality!

We are a team of technologist, developers, business professionals and founders.
We work with big established corporations as well as with start-ups, helping them developtheir tech infrastructures,
unleash the potential of new technologies, and thrive.

App Development
We design and build MVPs, Web Apps and Mobile Apps, and we promise to deliver value for money.
Tech Infrastructures
We support you in the entire process, from the definition of the business functions to the design of the tech-framework, from deployment to maintenance.
Generation Next
New technologies such as AI, Block Chain, VR, AR, can be game-changers in your sector. Do you want to develop inhouse solutions or make use of open innovation?
Build Your Start-up
We help founders scale their projects providing mentorship, business advice and tech support.We can assign you a CTO or a development team, so you will be able to focus on business. We help fundraise, create partnerships, and sometimes we do co-invest or work for equity too.
We work with client as one team!
client interaction
& discussion
designing(UI, UX) &
specification creation
agile development with
 continuous feedback & testing

Our simple but agile working style ensures quick turnaround and continuous feedback for the client.
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